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This Week in Anguish is the Canucks podcast that feels your pain out loud.


A weekly conversation about the only thing that really matters

with co-hosts Tristan and Ardella Thompson.


New episodes released each Sunday during the season,

some Sundays during the off-season.

Jul 13, 2020

This week in anguish:

- Labour peace is in the air, training camp is around the corner, the cap crunch looms, the Bern Bear hibernates, Jack Rathbone might not be as into us as we are into him, and Jake Virtanen has good taste and poor judgment. 

- Tony Gallagher is inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, and we...

Jun 8, 2020

This week in anguish:

- We're still not sure we see the (non-financial) point in the push to finish this season, but since our conflicted feelings are the fuel this podcast runs on...

- It finally happened. JimJohn have the helm firmly in their clutches, the age of Judd is no more, and we can't help but be pre-jealous...

May 18, 2020

This week in anguish:

- Isolation inertia has set in, and we begin to ask, "Is there really any point to having a bizarro playoffs this year? And is there any point to having them in BC?" 

- But our Swedish advantage!

- It's never too late to learn more about the heroes of '94, as Gino himself takes us to the Lubyanka...

Apr 27, 2020

This week in anguish:

- We've been down in the basement drinking coffee for the last three weeks, so we come out of the gates swinging, hitting all the hot topics: Pavel Bure's mafioso past and beer league present, Goldobin's Gagarin gulag, Jacob Markstrom's fierce offseason Canuckedness, and the shuttering of PITB.


Apr 7, 2020

This week in anguish: 

- Nothing happening has never stopped us before, so we cheer for our beloved Canucks versus those dastardly Canucks in the Sedin Cup, try to see Jim Sandlak through the Cam Neely forest, mourn Eddie Lack's retirement, and wiretap JT Miller.

- We take a game recommendation from Jason Brough and...