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This Week in Anguish is the Canucks podcast that feels your pain out loud.


A weekly conversation about the only thing that really matters

with co-hosts Tristan and Ardella Thompson.


New episodes released each Sunday during the season,

some Sundays during the off-season.

Sep 6, 2020

This week in anguish:

- Can probably best be summed up by the many potential episode titles that didn't quite make the cut...

- If Not Zen, A Little More Sanguine

- Sunday Mourning

- One Fat Lehner Glove Away

- Holding Hands Around the Goalie

- Half of a Master Plan

- That’s Barely Outshot (In Canuck Language)

- I Do Have a Section on “Vegas Loathsomeness”

- That Teddy Bear Face

- Where’s Luca Sbisa Now, Jim?!

- His Scoring Aura

- If This Team Had Managed to Keep on Going

- Even the Two Goals Are about Bonding

- You Don’t Get Those Plusses for Free

- A Lot of Ink at the Wall

- Coaches Having Coffee in Cars

- You Don’t Run Out of Fingers

- Psyche Up with Something Mellow

- Another Bloated Episode

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